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Meet Our Staff

At Women’s Choice Network, we provide only the highest standard of health care and medical information. Our staff of nurses and physicians are certified to perform pregnancy and STD tests, as well as perform ultrasound scans. We assure safe, professional health care and are committed to your comfort and confidentiality. Below is more information about our staff and the contributors to our Ask the Doctor blog.

Doctor Lisa, MD

is our Medical Director. Serving our Centers since 2009, Lisa is committed to the highest standard of care.

Doctor Patrick, MD

co-leads as Medical Director and oversees the STD testing and treatment services.

Doctor Cathy, MD

is a licensed radiologist who reads every ultrasound scan.

Nurse Debby, RN

is the Nurse Manager for all four of our locations. She has been with WCN for over 6 years and has served thousands of local Pittsburgh families. She is an RN and is trained in limited obstetrical ultrasound.

Nurse Gloria, RN

is the Director of the Oakland Center but you’ll occasionally see her at Northside or Monroeville Mall as well. She has been with WCN since 2009. Gloria is an RN and is trained in limited obstetrical ultrasound.

Nurse Jodi, RN

directs the Monroeville Mall Center and sometimes serves in Oakland. Before taking that position in 2013, she served as a volunteer staff member. Jodi holds an RN and also does ultrasounds.


is the director of the Oakland Center. Caitlyn holds a Masters Degree in Social Work and is able to assist families with referrals, direct support, education, and other issues.


serves at the Oakland Center and provides small group support and one to one care for men and women struggling with their past abortions.

Nurse Christy, RN

may be the first voice you hear when you call us. She actively serves clients in Oakland and North Side.

Remember that your phone call or email will be answered 24/7.

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