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How much does an abortion cost in Pittsburgh?

Cost may be an important factor in your decision about abortion.

So, how much is an abortion in Pittsburgh? The answer is, “It depends.”

If you’re having an abortion in a Pittsburgh abortion clinic, the cost can typically range in price from anywhere between $400 to more than $1,500. When researching abortion costs in Pittsburgh, you’ll need some key information about your pregnancy.

First, What is Informed Consent?

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, Pennsylvania requires that you have informed consent before your abortion.  Informed consent allows you to become an educated decision maker. You’ll need to have your pregnancy confirmed, then gather critical information about abortion procedures, costs, and risks. Here are your first three steps:

  1. Am I Pregnant? Pregnancy Confirmation

A simple pregnancy test may be all you need to confirm your pregnancy. Women’s Choice Network offers this at no charge to you. Simply make an appointment to confirm your pregnancy.

  1. How Far Along? Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a simple procedure with no risks or side effects. The ultrasound tells you exactly how far along you are. The cost of your abortion will depend on the number of weeks along you are. Women’s Choice Network offers ultrasound in all four of our locations at no charge. You must see our Nurse and meet some minimum criteria to have a scan and we may be able to provide this at your first visit. An ultrasound indicates exactly how many weeks along you are in your pregnancy. Ultrasound will also tell you if the baby is in the right place (in the uterus) and if the pregnancy is viable. Make an appointment today to see a Nurse at one of our Centers.

  1. What Do I Need to Know? STD Testing and Options Counseling

You may be experiencing  outside pressure concerning your pregnancy. You may feel rushed or anxious. In order to make sure you examine all your options and make the best decision for you, it is important to see one of our experienced professionals who will listen and offer resources and direction during a stressful time. STD testing is also a vital part of this visit. If you’ve been infected by an STD, it may have an impact on your abortion procedure. STD screening is always offered at no charge. To talk with someone today or to schedule your STD screening, make an appointment or call us.


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